Kalkine News: Animoca acquires Be Media to boost NFT & blockchain initiatives

Game software firm, Animoca Brands, acquired Be Media, an Australian digital agency, to lead metaverse and NFT (Non-fungible token) collaborations for key Australian brands. They will also focus on blockchain development in Australia.

Be Media will now serve as Animoca Brands’ go to market arm in Australia. They will concentrate on building decentralised services and new products for the Australian market, leveraging current Animoca Brands gaming IP and forming collaborations with key brands.

What is metaverse and blockchain technology?

The term “metaverse” is currently a big buzzword. In the broadest context, metaverse is an aesthetically rich virtual arena with a degree of realism. People may interact, work, shop, play, and do everything that individuals enjoy doing in real life in the meta world.

Blockchain is a revolutionary technology. However, it is a decentralised, distributed ledger that tracks the provenance of a digital asset.

About the companies

Animoca Brands is a digital entertainment, gamification and blockchain firm dedicated to advancing digital property rights. The SAND and REVV tokens, as well as unique games like Crazy Defense Heroes, Crazy Kings and The Sandbox, are among the products it develops and designs.

Entrepreneur Jordan Fogarty started Be Media in 2013 as a premium Web 2.0 player, concentrating on social advertising and digital strategy. The company is intended to aid the brands to join the metaverse and integrate them into the decentralised web.

Computer scientist Mark Watson has explained the term “decentralised web”:

Management remark

Jordan Fogarty, Be Media’s CEO and founder, commented:

Yat Siu, Animoca Brands’ co-founder, stated:

Road ahead

Following the acquisition, both the organisations aim to enhance the NFT and metaverse worlds with the extensive experience of Australians, in tandem with the global crypto frenzy.